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"Agrostemin" presented in Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts

Science achievement - pride for any Academy of Sciences


- Natural bioregulator "Agrostemin" is an invention of Dr Danica Gajic, for which she got a Gold medal WIPO  OUN. That invention can be a 21st century ticket for our country, and a chance for increasing food production and quality....

This was told on presentation of "Agrostemin" in Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, in presence of the representative of SANU and other leading scientists in biomedicine...

- Discussion about Agrostemin of Dr Danica Gajic in this honorable institution is long overdue. Her contribution to science is such that even the Stockholm Academy could be proud of her work. Unfortunately, it happened that World Intellectual Property Organization drew our attention on her invention, giving the highest acknowledgment to our inventor for importance and significance of Agrostemin....-said Mr Blagota Zarkovic, Director of Yugoslavian Intellectual Property Organization.

Prof dr Ljubisa Rakic, Academician, President of the Biomedicine Research Section of SANU, highly evaluated Agrostemin, saying: - "This invention is from the domain of universal biology. In fact, that is the new way of science thinking and deserves our highest attention"...

Prof. Dr Lazar Avramov, Prof. Dr Bozidar Gagro and many other leading agro-scientists of Yugoslavia, also emphasize imperishable importance of Agrostemin. They highly estimate the fact that it was created in decades of science work of Dr Danica Gajic who dedicated all her life to science.

"Politika Ekspres", July 02, 1988


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