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Plant nutrient of wide effect. Natural origin agent created on the base of corn cockle ( Agrostemma githago ) dust and the other plants (cultivated, as well as weeds), invented by Dr Danica Gajic.

Intended to increase the quantity and quality of yield and to optimize the cost of agricultural production. Certified for organic farming too.

Based on decades of research, homologation, successfull use in field and verification by numerious scientific institutions and eminent scientists, both at home and all over the world, Agrostemin is lined up in standard scientific farming methods.

Why? How?

                Increases yield from 5% to 15%
                            Improves the quality of yield
                 Without carenca
                Easy to handle
                High profit investment (1:10)
                 Yield stability is ensured
                         by a long-time application

        Increased germination viability - uniformed,
                                                                  faster sprout

Longer and more ramified - more efficient root

Stronger plant, with increased chlorophyll content

High quality nutrition
(improved water and mineral uptake)

Better resistance
to diseases, parasites and climatic extremes

Increased dry matter content in fruit

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